Steven retired from Air Caster Corp in 2014/15. Since the early 70’s he has had a part time business which he opened up to full time when he retired from industry. He is currently a Deacon at Harvest (I think I am the token senior aged or old guy, deacon). He also is in training for home group leader, He works on the Hospitality team and is just getting into the security team. On his own time, he loves to create and build stuff. He has designed and built a number of pieces of playground equipment, He built from ground up his own pickup truck and he has made a full-scale firing cannon and many, many other items including restoring and remodeling the house that we live in, and he has restored a lot of old garden tractors. He came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in the spring of 1974 along with the love of his life Linda whom he married in 1969, and to his surprise has put up with him for all these years. We have four (4) wonderful Children. We have (3) daughters, one (1) son, three Son’s in law that we love very much and one (1) daughter in law, (she is our favorite daughter in law and we love her more than any other daughter in law we have) and 14 grandchildren that we both love so very much, and we have room in our hearts for more. Oh and one cat that maybe we don’t love all that much, but we serve her to the best of our ability.