Paul Roberts is an Elder and Small Group Leader here at Harvest Decatur. He has  4 children with wife, LaRae. Paul is the Manager of JanPro Services at Macon Resources, Inc in Decatur. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree at Moody Bible Institute. Paul enjoys being outdoors, camping, reading, and watching movies.

Through expanding an inclusive labor force for those that live with disabilities, he has seen firsthand how indomitable the human spirit can be. Being able to shepherd people through skill development they did not know they were capable of, is a true joy in his life. In turn he too has learned from his co-laborers on what it means to approach life, business, and faith adventurously. All of which has honed and invigorated his passion for mentorship and personnel development to help others flourish.

He enjoys creating adventure outdoors and pushing himself to be without boundaries. For example, recently (at least as recent as to when doing such things was not considered unhealthy) he went on a short kayaking trip on a nearby river and when a fallen tree completely blocked the way, he pushed the group to go over the tree in the water instead of turning around. He also enjoys reading books that test his thought process and push the boundaries of his understanding. When it comes to life; he wants to be challenged; wants to grow; wants to be more than what he was before.